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    Nature and earth

    in your kitchen

    The Black Pottery collection is entirely handmade in the village of La Chamba, department of Tolima, Colombia. 90% of the population of La Chamba live off the production of the red and black pottery. We always buy directly from the artisans. In this way we contribute to the improvement of social conditions in the villages and we guarantee the authenticity of products. Shop now!

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    "In five hundred years nothing has changed in the procedure, which was already applied by the Pijaos Indians. Nature provides the natural resources: along the banks of the Magdalena river that runs through the valley near the village, the needed clay can be found. 200 members of the 300 families of La Chamba live off the production of the Blackpottery." Folly van Dijk, Eindhovens Dagblad.

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    and decorative

    For the rustic, contemporary or modern home, we have the pleasure to introduce our special cookware collection known as the Blackpottery. Traditionally used for cooking, today these objects fulfill the same function besides their decorative aspect and are suitable for cooking directly on fire, gas and electric stove, in the oven or in the microwave.