For the rustic, contemporary or modern home, we have the pleasure to introduce the special cookware collection known as the black pottery.

Our products are handmade and come from different regions of Colombia, such as Tolima or the Amazon. They are all made traditionally with natural materials such as clay, liana or cotton. These products have a history and are expressions of indigenous cultures. Click here to learn more about the products.

Nukak, Maku & Balay

These unique baskets originate from the Colombian Amazon. They are made by the Cubeo and Nukak people whom are part of the Maku tribe. This indigenous group scarcely has contact with the outside world and they still live in ancestral ways. They are one of the last nomadic tribes in Colombia and their daily struggle is to maintain their culture, their way of life and their wish is to remain in their ancestral land. The material that is used to make these baskets is called the Yaré liana.


Traditional & new collection

In three hundred years nothing has changed in the procedure, which was already applied by the Pijao Indians. Nature provides the natural resources: along the banks of the Magdalena river that runs through the valley near the village, the needed clay can be found. Approximately two hundred members of the three hundred families of La Chamba live off the production of the black pottery.



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