“Indígena, es una palabra en español que representa cultura ancestral, dignidad de una raza, sobrevivencia, arte, y legado”

“Indígena, is a word in Spanish that represents ancestral culture, dignity of a race, survival, art, and legacy”

As a Colombian, I cannot help myself to use Spanish expressions especially when it has to do with my people, my work, and my passion.

So, this is an important Spanish’s word:

Indigena = It is the Spanish word for Indigenous, who is a native individual, belonging to an ancient culture of which some still exist in Colombia.

Indígena or Indigenous is also the ancestor of that artisan who today continues to carry the legacy of a culture that his forefathers left him.

I established a commitment with my people 40 years ago when I fell in love with the art & crafts of my country. It was a commitment, right away, to the artisans and to the indigenous people of the Colombian tribes. Thanks to my daughter, who is an anthropologist, I got to know more deeply about the indigenous cultures of my homeland. She delved into this topic by, among other things, going to live and share with some indigenous communities.

The motto of “Crafts is the folk’s alternative” that I saw at a fair in Bogotá many years ago when I was just starting this project, struck me very deeply.

With this principle, I entered this magical world of objects made with the purest materials and in the most beautiful shapes. It became my passion and I felt then that my mission was, to make the world know about it and, in this way, help the artisan, the indigenous person, the creator, to maintain their culture and art while their products are remunerated in a fair way.

I welcome you to a universe of handmade wonders, founded on the principles of respect, integrity, appreciation, and honesty, which have always been the bases of our company. We buy directly from artisans or indigenous people, without any intermediary, ensuring in this way that the benefit goes directly to them.

Indigena Pijao and Black Pottery

The Pijao Indigenous peoples were brave warriors who left the legacy that the makers of these beautiful ceramics continue today. The artisans who produce all these unique objects, maintain the techniques, materials, and processes that their ancestors were using already 300 years ago.

Indigena Maku and our baskets

The Maku Indigenous peoples (as well as the Nukak and Yaré)……who belong to nomadic tribes and who still live in the original way in which they lived for 300 years in the Colombian Jungle, are the makers of the precious and unique baskets that with much love and dedication we acquire for you.

Native to this land of magical realism, I reach corners of the country where the pure and authentic still prevail. That is why Black Pottery and More guarantees products totally made by hand with 100% natural materials and guaranteed unmatched quality. These are objects made by the indigenous peoples of my motherland who want to continue living as they are used to, while their art and work are made known to the world. Or, made by the artisans from La Chamba who have continued the tradition of making these incomparable and functional ceramics known as Black Pottery, while taking care of their family.

All our products can be purchased in prestigious interior decoration stores, concept stores, exclusive gift shops and authentic products shops throughout Europe.


Our vision is to be the  “First  Leading Company offering the real 100%  organic handmade Black Pottery products for cook-and tableware in the whole of Europe”.  This does not mean being the biggest company, but the company that works the best in terms of social and loyal consciousness towards the artisans of  “La Chamba”. We do this through our trade, to create the conditions and infrastructure that will guarantee these families will continue making these objects the same way their ancestors did it, which is the extra value of these items. Our focus is also to give our costumers value, customer service, and consistent growth.


Our mission is to help contribute to a world where the different cultures can maintain their traditions, arts and crafts, and can live from them through the recognition and fair value of their work.

We aim to achieve this vision by:

  1. Providing the artisans the opportunity to reach the international market trough us, by introducing their products and showing their culture to the world.  
  2. Contributing to a responsible social commitment, providing support, guidance and education to members of the families in charge, to help them to take the export of their products in their own hands. 
  3. Setting standards for their well-being and work conditions.      


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Executive Manager

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