For you, lovers of the Black Pottery products, we have joined forces many years ago with the artisans, in order to offer you the best quality and best finishing products that you can find in the market.

The world crisis that we are experiencing now, has not stopped the artisans with the elaboration of these beautiful objects, nor us with the strict quality control that our company performs on each piece before it is packed and shipped to Europe. (Always following the safety guidelines concerning COVID-19).
Once in our warehouse, a second quality control is carried out, to ensure that the pieces have not been damaged during transport.

Being Colombian, I have contact with the makers of black ceramics, either through me directly or via people in Colombia that I trust. This has facilitated that, through the years, we have managed to develop methods and infrastructures that have led the Black Pottery product that reaches Europe through our company, to have exclusive and unique characteristics. This is what differentiates us from the rest in the market.

With love and a sense of community, we train our people in Colombia to review each piece, based on the demands of the European market. In this way, we not only help artisans in the development of their companies, but we also ensure that the product that reaches you is the best.

Communication, infrastructure, organization, and responsibility has moved us for more than 20 years in Europe and has helped artisan families to have a better life.